Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Today I am sad to be a human beeing....

What happened to me today in my classroom made me cry inside.
You may ask why?
Today someone in my class told me she wasn't interested in the history of the holocaust.
A German girl telling me she wasn't interested in the most tragic thing in German and human history.

"I'm just not intested!" - she said.
"That's something everybody has to be interested in!" - was my answer.
"No I don't have to - just because you are interested in it, it doens't has to interest me" - she answered.

I feel sad and disgusted!
How can it be? How can you not be interested in the killing of several million human beeings in your own country and your own neighbourhood just seventy years ago?

Quote: "I've been forced  to go to Dachau during school once, but I won't go there again."
My question: "Why not?"
She again: "Because it's not interesting to me! "

I could have vomitted all over the floor - it has been a long time since I felt so disgusted.
It's so absolutely disgusting. Living in the same small town where hundred thousand people had been inprisoned like animals - where thousands died.

I found that so horrible and disgusting that I started to shiver and I had trouble controlling my voice saying: "No! No! It has of interest for everyone!" over and over again.
And suddenly another girl said to me: "Who cares about it except you?"

You'll normally find me believing in human race but not today and maybe not for another couple days.


  1. I am reminded of the words (in about 1989) from Britain's (then) Chief Rabbi, who was in Dachau as a child and lost most of his family there: "it has taken me almost fifty years to reach a point where I can now say 'I forgive them'; but one thing I am convinced we must Never do is forget".
    As long as there are more people like you, Michael, and the likes of this girl are in the small minority, then we are at least moving on the right path.

  2. Dear Michael, it was a very bad time for germany, thats true, but can understand, that most of todays youth isnt really interested. One thing is clear: We must never forget, but do we really have to see/feel/experience/talk about all the cruelties that happened over and over again? We know what happened. And we should make sure that it never happens again.

    What is it, that is so facinating in those cruel deeds? I am disgusted, but you seem to be very fascinated Michael??

    And seeing it from another perspective, it was only one out of many inhuman actions mankind has done.

    What about the Holy Crusade? What about the things Japan did to the Chinese People? What about the burning of witches? What about the many, many other unjustified wars mankind has fought, and all the cruelties that took place there?