Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

A letter to the President of Turkey

Dear mr. Erdogan,

you are an idiot!

It is now the second time you came to Germany to make a speech to eleven thousand of "your people":
Turkish immigrants and Turks with German nationality.
You told them not to assimilate and not to addapt the German culture.
Last year you called assimilation a "crime against humanity".

I don't want anyone to forget about his roots or whatever.
But you are creating a poisonous atmosphere here in Germany. We have already problems with integration without your moronic speeches.

It is morons like you - you are the reason of the fail of multi-cultural Germany.

Why can't a Turk drink Beer and eat pork and still go to the Friday prayers?
Or why shouldn't a trukish boy wear Lederhosen and eat Kebap?
Why can't both cultures learn and addapt from each other?

Would that be a problem for you?

With your moronic speech you are giving the Nazis and racists in Germany new material to stock up their fire of hatred.

My advice:
Stay in Turkey and make politics there to help your country and stop trying to ruin the relationship between Germans and immigrants in Germany.

Kind Regards,


 President Erdogan during his speech.

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