Montag, 29. November 2010

Stuttgart and Peter Pan

I spent the weekend in Stuttgart.

It was fun. I've never been Stuttgart and I have to say it's a really nice city. 
Strolling over the christmas fair, having some Bratwurst and glogg and listening to a brass band playing Christmas songs.

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? I really love that time in the year when everyone is (trying to be) friendly, everyone is dressed decent (because it's cold) and the world around you is covered with a cold blanket of snow.

Try to love it and try to see the nice aspects of Christmas. In fact - try to see the good thing about something first and then point youre finger on the downside.

Thanks to Mel, Amie and Chris for that beautiful weekend!

There you see two girls who know how to dress.

There sometimes are only small differences.

And then came Peter Pan:

And then I saw this. The real live peter Pan.
Someone tries to undermine my Christmas spirit or wants to psycho-nuke my childhood memories.
Maybe I book this guy as a piñata for my next birthday ? That'll be fun.

But he gives me the giggles and that's all I need to forgive him.

At least he's an honest guy. 
I quote : "And speaking of 'silly', I know all this makes me a very silly boy! But If it sounds like a fun thing or even if you'd just like a good laugh (I laugh at myself all the time!) you must check out my Peter Pan's Fashion Page! for a close up look at some of my concoctions"

If you still want more, here's his website:

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging .... oh yes, and Christmas!